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FAQ - Development

Why do I write code? That question, and many others, answered here … How long have you been programming? Can’t believe I’m about to say this, but going on 39 years (38 professionally). This all started back in 1981 because of a pompous jerk who insulted my dad. One of my older sisters visited…

Easily Dockerize Node Apps

Scripts to help build a Node app for Docker.

Errors, Statuses, and Exceptions ... Oh my!

Or why never to send a 500 status.

Ugly Date & File Date Organizer

Organize photos and other files by date.

New Tool - File Line Replacer

Organize photos, screenshots, audio captures, and other files by date.

Cool Utility - Live Server

I just stumbled across one of those “it’s about time” utilities for front-end app development: Live Server. Long story short, you issue the command live-server from your application’s current directory and… well… that’s it. A browser pops open, your web app is loaded, and the lil’ utility watches…

Receive SMS Messages Via Email from [Flowroute]( Phone Numbers

In today’s mobile world, people just assume every phone number is a cell phone… even if it’s clearly listed as “office” on your business card. And, in most cases, if the phone number belongs to a corporate phone system, or PBX, any text messages sent to that number are lost forever in the great…

Filter Out Docker Noise

Sometimes the smallest lil’ gem makes you feel great. For me, Docker’s option is one such gem. As much as I love Docker, for me, their commands’ output are far too verbose and noisy. In fact, the net is filled with complaints about this. However, the option makes them perfect… or closer to perfect…

Pattern for Developing Complex Solution with NodeJS within Docker

So many of the examples out there, for both Node and Docker, show simple little applications. They might demonstrate how to create a container. Another might show how to crank up your first NodeJS app. However, I have yet to find one that demonstrates how to use these bag o’ widgets in a real world…

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