$$ Reward: THOW Parking $$

Short version: We are offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone who locates a property for us to park a THOW during the 12-month build process that is such a good fit, for both parties, that we actually sign a lease.

Now, for the long-winded version...

My wife and I decided to build a tiny house on wheels (aka "THOW") using a 32' trailer. There's one small snag: we cannot find any place to park it during the build process. Our homeowners' association will not allow trailers, of any kind, within the community. We have been looking for some time but most people, here in Connecticut, are so new to the concept that they simply don't know how to react.

So, what do we need?
We don't need much... literally. The whole idea of a THOW is to maintain as small a footprint as possible. We basically need a 50'x50' level spot to park the trailer. We would love the spot to have electric and water, but neither is essential since we are building the THOW to be off-grid.

Long term or short term?
In a perfect scenario, we would love to find a spot in the country, or on a farm, that is so perfect it will make us want to give up our 4,000 square foot colonial. If that happened, we would both happily pack up and move into the THOW full time. However, that is not what we need. What we need is a place to park for 8-12 months while we build the THOW in our free time (weekends and holidays mainly). Once the unit is built we will happily move it down south.

Is there a catch?
The only "catch" to the reward is that we must sign a lease with whoever owns the land. That lease must be in Connecticut and be a good fit for all parties and be valid for at least eight consecutive months.

Who to contact?
If you know of a property, send the details to me directly: fred.lackey@gmail.com